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How To TalkBack Accessibility Feature Turn On / Off
When selection is highlighted with green border and voice is started about the selection and you need to double click the selection to open selected option that means TalkBack or Voice Assistant feature is ON, you need to Off it to stop this
How to clear saved Windows or Web Password from a computer
Is your password got saved in a computer and you are unable to login again because it is cached in a system, then you can read this full article to know how you can remove the saved username and password from the system
How to use Windows 10 Sticky Notes on Mobile and on Web
Let's find out how to use Sticky Notes on Web and on Mobile device. You can find the sticky notes in Windows Operating System. Microsoft has extended the use of Sticky Notes to Other Windows Devices, Outlook and from Web
How to Increase Laptop Battery Life
Laptop Battery Life can be boosted by simply following steps listed in this article. Know the reasons of why Laptop Battery get's Drained quickly by visiting this article.
Auto save Screenshot to OneDrive on Windows
OneDrive auto save screenshot feature on Microsoft Windows can be added or removed, follow the article steps to activate or deactive auto save screenshot feature