How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Updated on: March 14, 2019

Following are the possible reasons why your Laptop Battery is getting drained quickly and that's why you need to carry charger with you every time you carry your laptop. User has to follow each reason to improve their battery life.

1. Reduce the Brightness : 

2.  Select the Power Plan as Balanced or Power Saver as shown in the image:

3. Turn Off WiFi when not in use

4. Turn Off Bluetooth when not in use

5. Kill all background running Unnecessary Apps

6. Shutdown or Hibernate the laptop when not in use for a specific period of time instead of standby option.

7. Check Which Apps are consuming or affecting Battery Life using tools

8. Replace the battery with new one when required

Windows will keep telling you by Alerts or messages, when the old Battery Life is expired. When Battery Life is expired, you will hardly be able to use your laptop for 1 hour even after laptop is fully charged. It's good option at that time to change the battery with new one so that you can use your laptop for certain period when no power at home.