Create your ASP.NET Core application with ASP.NET core 2
First version of ASP.NET core(1.0) released in June 2016 in Visual Studio 2015. ASP.NET core applications can be developed and run on WINDOWS, MAC & LINUX. It was initially called as ASP.NET 5 but later Microsoft named it as ASP.NET Core at the ASP.NET Core 1.0 release.
Null Coalescing operator in C-Sharp
The Null Coalescing operator ( ??) is used for assigning default value to a variable. It is used for both value type and reference type variable. It is used to avoid multiple if condition for checking null and returning non null value
Introduction to jQuery
jQuery is small, fast and featured rich javascript library. It works on multiple browsers. It helps in DOM manipulation, event handling, and showing animations on the web page. It can be used to upload file functionality and making API calls through ajax.
Introduction to CSS
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS helps to give a design to HTML web page. It is used for giving a preferred layout to your HTML web page. Using CSS you can change the text color, background color of the web page, change the display layout, change the font style displayed on the web page. Versions of CSS Cascading Style Sheet 1, Cascading Style Sheet 2, Cascading Style Sheet 3.
Creating your Angular Application
Learn how to get started with Angular 2/4/5 applications. The article explains the procedure to install Node.js and NPM, Angular CLI, create your project from command prompt and how the directory structure of the angular application looks like after installing the required node modules.
Introduction to HTML
Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create web pages. Browser uses HTML to render web pages. HTML is used to give your web page a particular design layout. HTML document comprises of HTML elements, such as html, head, body, h1, div, p etc.