Introduction to HTML

Updated on: September 18, 2018
  • Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language

  • It is used to create web pages

  • Browser uses HTML to render web pages

  • HTML is used to give your web page a particular design layout

Following is the sample HTML document :



<title>Title of your web page</title>



<h1>Your web page Heading</h1>

<p>Your web page body</p>



It gives following output on browser :

In the above program following points are very important:

  • Html web page starts with <html> tag

  • <head> tag is the header of the web page used to give browser a details like header of the page

  • <title> tag is used to give title to a web page

  • <body> tag is used to display contents on the web page

  • </body> : This is body closing tag which is required to inform browser about the end of the web page body. Browser will render the contents written inside body tag on the web page. 

  • </html> : This is the closing html tag used to inform browser about the end of the HTML web page.