Top Programming Languages to learn in 2021

Updated on: May 26, 2021

Every year, there is a change in the ranking of the Programming language based on their Performance, developers liking and many other factors. In Year 2021, following programming languages are top programming languages which are easy to learn and having huge Job Opportunity in those programming language, to begin with the learning, you should start with basic course available on W3Schools, Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera. After basic course proceed with Advanced Leaning Course to gain more knowledge on the Programming language.

1. Python:

Python language has become huge popular and has won TIOBE programming language of the year 2020 award.  

First Version of Python came in 1991, and latest release of 3.9.1 on 7th December 2020. Python is Open Source Programming language, it is getting used for Web Development, GUI Programming, ERP, e-commerce Systems.

Average Annual Salary: $ 91,000

2. Java

Java is very popular language to develop Client-Server Web Based application.  

First Version of Java came in 1995, and latest release of Java SE 15 on 15th September 2020. Java language is getting used to develop application for Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Average Annual Salary: $ 91,000

3. C#

C# is object oriented, type safe programming language which runs on .NET frameworks. ASP.NET Core framework is written in C#, programs developed in ASP.NET Core supports on Cross Platforms.

First Version of Java came in 2000, and latest release of C# 9 on 10th November 2020. C-Sharp language is getting used to develop application for Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Annual Salary can be around: $ 82,000

4. Kotlin

Kotlin is object oriented, simpler, faster language to develop Apps for Cross Platform.

First Version of Kotlin came in July 2011, and latest release of Kotlin 1.4.21 is on 7th December 2020.

In May 2019, Google announced for Android Apps Development, it prefers Kotlin for App Developers. There is strong competition between Java and Kotlin for App Development. Around 60% of App developers uses Kotlin for development.

Average Annual Salary: $ 99,000

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is faster to execute and simple to use programming language, it is used to develop Web Application and it is supported on all browsers.

First Version of JavaScript came in December 1995, and latest release of JavaScript ECMAScript 2020 is on June 2020.

JavaScript is used to develop Mobile and Web applications along with HTML, CSS and other Scripting language such as Angular. 

Average Annual Salary: $ 83,000

6. Angular & Typescript 

Angular is typescript based Open Source framework used to develop Web application. It is used to develop Applications supported across all platform like Web, Mobile. 

Angular uses Typescript to develop application. Typescript language is developed & maintained by Microsoft.

First Version of Angular came in September 2016 and latest release of Angular 11.0.7 came in January 2021.

First Version of Typescript came in October 2012 and latest release of Typescript 4.1.3 came in December 2020.

Average Annual Salary: $ 86,000

7. PHP

PHP is scripting language used to develop Web Applications. PHP is used along with HTML, CSS to give Rich UI experience to the Web Application. PHP is used to develop Wordpress which is Free and Open Source Content Management System. 

First Version of PHP came in 1995 and latest release of PHP 8.0.1 came in January 2021.

Average Annual Salary: $ 70,000

8. R Language

R is programming language and Free software environment for Statistical computing and graphics. This language has become huge popular in Year 2020 and as per TIOBE Index in January 2021 it has been ranked at 9 from Rank 18 in January 2020.

First Version of R language came in August 1993 and latest release of R 4.0.3 came in October 2020.

R is not easy to learn compared to other languages in this article, but if you are good at Mathematics and already know JavaScript and Python then you can go for it. It is mainly used for Desktop applications.

Average Annual Salary: $ 80,000

9. Swift

Swift is general programming language used to develop Web, Mobile based application which is safer and faster.

Swift is used to develop applications for iOS and MacOS. iOS is installed on Apple iPhone, Apple iPad Apple Watch, Apple TVs.

First Version of Swift language came in June 2, 2014  and latest release of Swift 5.3.2 came in December 15th 2020.

Average Annual Salary: $ 98,000

10. Go Language

Go is open source programming language used to build simple, faster & secured APIs and Web Applications. 

This language was used to create projects like Docker, Blockchain. Uber has used GoLang for Geo-fence service which serves user location and product availability.

First Version of Go language came in November 10, 2009 and latest release of Go 1.15.6 came in December 3rd 2020.

Average Annual Salary: $ 117,000

The choice is up to each individual based on their previous technical understanding to pick and learn any of the above language. It is very important for every developer to stay up to date or enhance the knowledge on the technology every day.