Indian Government Planning to build its own WhatsApp like App for Government Communications

Updated on: February 24, 2021

India is planning to develop it's own WhatsApp like secured App for government communication, the App will be used for chat and email purpose and all data stored in this APP will be 100% stored in India. the news reported by The Economic Times.

Indian government wants to use their own Communication based Apps & Sites which doesn't depend on foreign companies App or sites at least for Government Official use.

French government had released it's own Instant Messaging (IM) app Tchap in April 2018 to replace WhatsApp, Telegram and other third-party app for Government employees to use it for internal communication. The communication will be encrypted, secured. It is said that India is considering the same solution for Indian Government officials to use it's own highly secured communication App to insulate the country from future data security issues.

China & North Korea are using their customized operating system to use it in the Government's offices. India also had plans to use Linux based customized operating system in Government offices, but that is too has very little success, as most of the government offices continue to use Microsoft's Windows Operating System.