Facebook bringing back Facebook Chats Feature into Main App

Updated on: February 24, 2021

Facebook is introducing Facebook Chats feature into their Main App back which was removed previously when Messenger App was released. Currently user has to open Messenger app for conversation, Send Photos, make calls etc. 

Jane Manchun Wong has informed about this Chats feature on twitter. This features is yet to release in the Main App, currently it's in the testing phase and once testing is completed it will be available for all the user to use it in Main App. 

This Chats feature will make the Facebook App and Messenger App interoperate better and improve the user experience of using the Facebook App. 

Messenger App is featured rich and stand-alone messenger app, currently more than billion users are using the Messenger App monthly. 

This Chats feature will be basic, if content on this basic chat is not supported then it will ask you to open it in Messenger as shown in below image: