How to Install Angular

Following are the required tools to be installed for Angular Setup on your machine:

1. Node.js : Install Node.js from URL: 

2. Typescript: Install Typescript using following npm command, using below command typescript will be available globally across all project on your machine: npm install -g typescript  

3. Angular CLI: This is required to create & run Angular application, following command helps to install Angular on your machine: npm install -g @angular/cli 

4. Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code editor will be used for code editor for Angular application, from where we can add/modify Angular Typescript pages and template pages and can be used to run an application. Download Visual Studio Code from here:

Once the Angular is installed on your machine, we can check which version of the Node.js, TypeScript & Angular is installed on our machine by using following command:

To check Node.js Version: node -v

To check Typescript Version: tsc -v

To check Angular Version: ng --version