Automatically selected based on framework version C# Version is auto selected in Visual Studio 2019

Updated on: November 09, 2019

Once you have installed Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.3.8 + Version, it will show selection of Language version as Automatically selected based on framework version, as shown below:

So, you can determine from the below table, which C# version features you can use in your project:

FrameworkC# Version
.NET Framework All Versions7.3
.NET Standard 1.x7.3
.NET Standard 2.07.3
.NET Standard 2.18.0
.NET Core 2.x7.3
.NET Core 3.x8.0

If you want to edit the C# version, you can do that by editing .csproj file and change the following property value and save the changes and look for any compile error by rebuilding the project.